Meltal IS d.o.o. is at the top of European companies dealing with the purchase, processing and sale of non-ferrous metals, and among important Slovenian companies which deal with the sale of products and intermediate products in the non-ferrous metal industry.

As part of its sales programme, Metrapan focuses on the sale of roofing, wall panels, roof plumbing, fastening materials and load-bearing trapezoidal sheets.

By constantly expanding our sales network and product range, we aim to ensure a long-term development of the company and the integrity of the offer.

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  • kvaliteta
    We offer our customer products and services of highest quality.
  • tradicija
    With many years of experience, we are able to manage the most demanding of projects.
  • prodajna kolicina
    Sales quantity
    We have sold more than 6 million m2 of roofs and facades.
  • razvoj
    With a continued development, we are ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.