Profile 5 is a sheet with five corrugations and an additional quarter of a corrugation, foreseen for the overlap. The height of corrugations is 51 mm; that is why we talk about the high corrugated Valovitka. The advantage of the high corrugations lies in the intensive ventilation of the roof and consequently in the additional protection against condensation.

The five-corrugated sheet is designed for covering the roofs of residential houses and those of the more demanding building facilities with the pitches from 7° upwards. It provides numerous combinations with the versatile, hand shaped moulded goods in the colour of the sheets. To reduce the danger of a person breaking through a roof, safety strips are inserted longitudinally in each sheet.

Natural waving of covering and modern appearance of the roof are created by the stressed vertical lines.

The minimum roof pitch: 7°

Roof pitch:
Teža plošče: od 17,5 do 35,0 kg/kos
Barve: rdeča, temno siva, svetlo siva, rjava, naravno siva
Formati: 1250 x 920 mm / 1600* x 920 mm / 2000* x 920 mm / 2500* x 920 mm (*dobava po naročilu)
If you need more information (size, installation, length, weight), download the following documents