The 2005 Series is the most versatile and rich in types, combinations and accessories that complete it Sliding, A/R, Vasistas, protrude, up/down, fixed door-conditioner; with and without shutter, with simple or isolated box, mosquito nets, inside curtains and anti-intrusion bars: these are some of the many characteristics that can be attributed to the series of windows and doors. For each solution the practical fixing system with clips is available.

Technical information:

Extruded profiles in 6060 aluminum alloy (EN 573-3), with T5 supply status (EN 515) and tolerances on dimensions and thickness according to UNI EN 12020.2 and/or UNI EN 755-9.
Sealing system with brush seal on the door and sealing of the corners on the frame.
Profile Sides designed mainly for external fitting solutions.
Depth of the frame system: 46 mm.
Shaft depth: 20 mm.
Possibility to insert glass with variable thicknesses from 4 to 14 mm.
Sliding opening system on aluminum tracks with plastic trolleys.
Closing system with black nylon gripper handles or recessed aluminum manhole covers.
Possibility of applying a fix or sliding mosquito net.
possibility of assembly with clips.
Super-sided pro-sided treatment: anodizing or varnishing with QUALANOD / QUALICOAT quality mark by specialized companies certiied by QUALITAL.
Possibility of application of external protection bars.

If you need more information (size, installation, length, weight), download the following documents