25 microns of HD granite colour coating ensures the roof UV stability and additional protection of sheet metal, which increases the useful life of the roof.
We offer a 10 year warranty for our quality, i.e. warranty for rusting, paint flaking and the change to the colour shading.
All roofing made from galvanized painted sheets, available in a variety of thicknesses. A larger sheet thickness ensures a higher load-bearing capacity, protection against damage and extreme weather conditions.
All roofing is made from hot-dip galvanised sheets with a zinc coating 225 g/m2 or 275 g/m2. Higher zinc coating offers a greater protection against sheet metal rusting and consequently a longer useful life.

Metrapan Classic HD

The main characteristic of monosheet panels is the lightweight internal finish that consists of a flexible facing made of bituminized felt, centesimal aluminium or a fibreglass membrane.

  • Bituminized felt is a black, semi-breathable, bituminized sheet.
  • Centesimal aluminium has a natural glossy colour, is lacquered and embossed and non-breathable.
  • The fibreglass membrane, made of a white non-woven fabric, is capable of trapping any condensation that may form.

Monosheet panels require structural supports positioned no more than one metre apart. In addition, given the characteristics of the flexible facings, the joint between panels has no patterned tooth. This product is suitable for installation on eternit roofs, on roof pitches with a concrete and masonry flooring system or to cover prefabricated tiles. Monosheet panels are not recommended for use on roofs that do not leave the internal part exposed.

The upper facing for the Metrapan Classic HD panel, with five ribs, is made using the same external coating materials and in the same range of colours as the Metrapan Classic HD panels. In terms of thickness, however, the panel is available in thicknesses from 30 to 100 mm. The internal side may not have a perfect appearance.

Cover panel width: 1.000 mm
Insulation thickness: 30 mm - 100 mm
Application of zinc: 225 g/m2
If you need more information (size, installation, length, weight), download the following documents